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What Is CodeGuard?

CodeGuardCodeGuard is a service that provides an automatic website backup solution for HostGator customers with Shared hosting packages. CodeGuard monitors your site and keeps you informed of any changes while offering frequent backups and restore options so that downtime can be avoided.

CodeGuard's services include:

  • Backups - CodeGuard makes an initial backup of your site and continues to make backups as changes occur.

  • Monitoring - CodeGuard monitors your site daily for changes and sends a change alert email to notify you if there are any. CodeGuard also updates you on the progress of your backups.

  • Restoration -  You have the option to revert back to any previous version of your website with the click of a button.

CodeGuard Pricing and Features

Code Guard Pricing and Features

How to Order

To order CodeGuard:

  1. Log into cPanel.

  2. In the Special Offers section, click on the CodeGuard icon.
    CG icon

  3. On the landing page, select the desired plan  by clicking the Signup button. The Billing login pop-up will appear.

  4. Sign in using your HostGator billing information and click the Login button.

  5. In the next pop-up, confirm the CodeGuard package type you selected.

  6. Check the box to agree to the CodeGuard Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

  7. Click Submit Order.

The Order Complete pop-up will appear and allow the user to log into their new CodeGuard account. Users can access the account by clicking the Login button in the lower, right-hand side of the pop-up.

For further instructions on how to access and navigate CodeGuard, please see the following articles:





How CodeGuard Backups Work

When purchasing CodeGuard, you will be prompted to connect your site to CodeGuard via FTP, SFTP or MySQL. The method through which you choose to connect depends on your familiarity with the process, your server configuration and the type of connection you wish to establish.

Initial Backup

Once connected, CodeGuard will begin running an initial backup on the website. During this process, a complete data retrieval of all files that CodeGuard has access to will be compiled.

After the initial backup, future backups are differential, both in the files that are transferred and the files that are stored on your behalf. It is during this process that you will also be able to view real-time updates on the backup process.

The Backup Process

There are four main steps within the initial backup process:

  1. Process Initiation - CodeGuard verifies the credentials provided.

  2. File Packup - The file structure of the website is analyzed before Codeguard creates a git repository into a cloud server.

  3. File Transit - The file pickup process is finalized by confirming the list of files that will be copied over to the git repository created for the site. Once confirmed, the files are then transferred over the to git repository onto the cloud server.

  4. Final Delivery - Files are moved from the git repository onto the cloud server and encrypted as they are moved to a digital storage facility. Once moved and encrypted, the files are removed from the cloud server.

Continuous Backups

After the initial backup, whenever CodeGuard detects a change to the site's source code, the backup process outlined above will take place for the files that were affected by the change.

CodeGuard continues to monitor your site daily and will send you an email notification if there are any changes to your site.

On-Demand Backups

On-demand backups are available to CodeGuard Professional, Premium and Enterprise plans. This feature allows users to create backups whenever desired in addition to the daily automated backups.

To start an on-demand backup:

  1. Log into your CodeGuard account.

  2. In the dashboard, click on the Backups tab.

  3. Locate the backup counter. You may have to scroll down the page.
    Backup Counter

  4. Click Request Backup Now.

Your backup will be queued to begin shortly.

Checking the Progress of a Backup

To view how CodeGuard actively tracks the backup's progress, click on the domain name on the main page of the CodeGuard dashboard. By doing so, you should see a page called the Backup Progress Tracker that will give a timestamped play-by-play of the backup's progress.





CodeGuard Monitoring and Notifications

CodeGuard monitors your site daily and notifies you any time there is a change within the source code of the website. Additions, removals and modifications of files between each version of your website can be viewed in the CodeGuard dashboard.

The changes will appear in the Backup tab of your CodeGuard account in a graph such as the one shown here:

File Version Monitor

Once a change is detected, CodeGuard sends an email notification to inform you of what files have been changed. Only the changed files are transmitted to CodeGuard's servers to create a new backup for your website.

In the Settings tab, you can set your preferences for email notifications and notification filtering.

Email Notifications

There are two settings that can be toggled for email notifications:

  • Yes, send email notifiers - This setting will allow you to opt-in to email notifications and further choose how elaborate you'd like the notifications to be by also selecting a notification type.

  • No, do not send email notifiers - This setting will disable email notifications when files are edited

  • Email Notification

Notification Filtering

There are two settings that can be toggled for notifications:

  • Yes, filter my notifications - This setting will disable notifications for common types of files, such as logs, cache and statistics, which change frequently.

  • No, notify me when any file changes - This setting will allow you to receive notifications for all detected changes and not just a summary.

Notification Filter





How CodeGuard Restores Work

With CodeGuard, you have the power to decide the type of restoration you would like for your site, be it for a single file, a database or even the entirety of a website.

Once the restoration process is complete, a backup of the newly implemented changes is created. In addition, the account owner will receive an email notification indicating all the files that have been restored.

How to Restore a Backup Version

Restoring a backup version from CodeGuard is extremely simple, regardless of what needs to be restored.

To restore site files:

  1. Log into your CodeGuard account.

  2. In the CodeGuard dashboard, click on the Restore tab.

  3. Scroll to the bottom section of the page where the backup versions are listed.

  4. On the the desired backup version, click the Restore Options button. You can then choose the desired restore option from the available options.

Restore Options

Download a Zip File

Users can download full copies of a CodeGuard backup version with just a click of a button. This option is ideal for those wanting to replace files manually or compare the files to see the differences.

zip Download

Individual File Restore

Did a file accidentally get deleted? Have no fear. CodeGuard has you covered! CodeGuard allows individual file restoration without the need of a pre-restore backup. Simply select the file(s) using the type-ahead that will search through the backup versions.

File Restore

Once the files are selected, they are queued to be downloaded from the site repository, and the connection between the website and CodeGuard will be opened via FTP or SFTP. Upon upload, the restored files will have their permissions set and the restore will be complete.

Full Site Restore

If a site needs a full restoration, CodeGuard can recreate the site files and structure. Before the restoration, CodeGuard uses a pre-restore backup to obtain a copy of the current site as it stands. You can select the version of your site to restore to before the pre-restore backup is run.

Restore All

Two lists of site content are then created:

  • The site version to be restored

  • The current state of the site

The differences between the two lists provides CodeGuard distinct operations to process for files and folders on the site.

The backup is then downloaded, and the version to be restored is prepped for execution as a connection is opened via FTP/SFTP. The folders in the document root are then replaced with those from the restoration.

MySQL Database Restore

Did you just suffer a SQL injection or corrupt your database? CodeGuard allows you to restore MySQL databases with a simple click. CodeGuard will download the selected database from the repository and then open a connection to the remote database using MySQL directly or through an SSH tunnel. Once the connection is made, the database backup file will be executed, thus recreating and dropping each table and importing the table data into the restored database to complete the restore process.




CodeGuard FAQs

This article will provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions pertaining to CodeGuard for HostGator's Shared web hosting customers.

1. How to access the CodeGuard dashboard?

Customers will be able to access CodeGuard through cPanel; this will open up a new tab into their CodeGuard dashboard, similar to our offer with SiteLock.

2. Does the CodeGuard service transfer with the customer's account if they upgrade to a higher plan? If so, how can the customer access CodeGuard with the new account?

Yes. If you have a standard shared hosting plan (Hatchling, Baby or Business), the account will stay the same and no change will need to be made. You would continue to access it the same way as prior to the upgrade.

3. Do the daily backups run at a particular time of day?

CodeGuard backups generally run between 4am and 4pm ET, but currently there is no set schedule.

4. Is it possible to specify an exact time for the backups to run?

At this time, it is not possible to specify a time to have the CodeGuard backups run.

5. Does CodeGuard keep multiple backups for a given website? If so, is there a limit or maximum number of backups that are kept before CodeGuard removes older backups?

CodeGuard doesn't keep "multiple backups" in the typical sense; however, CodeGuard does keep a full history of backups run, and you can restore any previous version. Please note that CodeGuard does not backup emails, only site files and databases.

Please refer to the following article for more information: 

6. What are the available billing cycle options for CodeGuard?

CodeGuard can only be billed as a yearly service at this time.

7. Is there a trial period or policy in place for refund requests for if I decide to cancel the CodeGuard service early?

Unfortunately, there is not a trial period available at this time. The refund policy will be the same with CodeGuard as it is with other account addons.

8. When upgrading CodeGuard plans, will I be prorated based on the remaining time in the billing cycle, or will I be charged full price for the upgrade?

You will be prorated on your CodeGuard plan based on where you are in the billing cycle.



How to Access and Modify CodeGuard

After ordering CodeGuard and signing into your account for the first time, you will notice that the page you see once you navigate away from cPanel has changed. The plan that was purchased will now display a Login button and the plans surrounding will reflect gray downgrade or yellow upgrade buttons.

Logging into CodeGuard

Logging into CodeGuard from cPanel is a quick and easy process.

  1. Log into cPanel.

  2. Navigate to the Special Offers section.

  3. Click the Cloud Backup icon.

  4. The CodeGuard Landing Page will then appear.

CG Landing Page

  1. Click the Login button on the plan that was purchased. 

You will then be logged into the CodeGuard dashboard.

Modifying Your CodeGuard Plan

Upgrade CodeGuard

Upgrading your CodeGuard plan is very simple and easy!

  1. Once you've logged into CodeGuard using the instructions above, click the yellow Upgrade button on the desired plan.

  2. You will then be be prompted to log into your HostGator billing account.

  3. In the Order Review popup, you will need to confirm the upgrade.

Upgrade Confirm

  1. Once the appropriate upgrade plan has been selected, please check the box agreeing to CodeGuard's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

  2. Click Submit Order.

A confirmation of upgrade will appear to confirm that the process is complete.

Downgrade CodeGuard

Downgrading your CodeGuard plan is very simple and easy!

  1. Once you've logged into CodeGuard using the instructions above, click the grey Downgrade button on the desired plan.

  2. On the CodeGuard Landing Page, click the grey downgrade button on the desired plan.

  3. You will then be be prompted to log into your HostGator billing account.

  4. In the Order Review popup, you will need to confirm the downgrade.

Downgrade Confirm

  1. Once the appropriate plan has been selected, please check the box agreeing to CodeGuard's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

  2. Click Submit Order.

A confirmation of downgrade will appear to confirm that the process is complete.



CodeGuard Dashboard

The CodeGuard dashboard is a management tool that displays the status of backups and restore versions and also keeps track of changes to files and notifications. This article will provide a brief walkthrough of what to expect when navigating through the CodeGuard dashboard.

Sites Menu

This menu option allows users to see the sites and databases on their account, including:

  • The date that the site/database was added

  • The size of the sited/database

  • The status of the next backup

  • links to edit CodeGuard settings or delete the site/database from the CodeGuard service.

In addition, by clicking on the site name, users can review their site's backup progress. Users can also add sites by clicking the Add New Website button.

Inbox Menu

This feature displays all notifications sent from CodeGuard to the user's email address, allowing users to track notification history and ensuring that users have a way to be notified at all times.

Site Menu Tabs

The three tabs below allow users to access the various features within the CodeGuard dashboard.

Backup Tab

Backup TabThis section displays how many files have been modified with each backup and also lists whether the files were added, removed or edited. Users are also able to see the proportion of the various file types within their current backup as well as request a new backup. Users can also add databases clicking the Add Database link beneath the Backup tab.

Restore Tab

Restore TabThis section allows users to view the number of backup versions on file. By clicking on the Restore Options button next to an available backup, users can choose from three options:

  • Request a zip file of the backup version and potentially replace files manually

  • Restore all files from a backup version

  • Search for a single file to restore

Settings TabSettings Tab

This section allows users to modify the server configuration, monitor frequency and toggle settings for email notifications and notification filtering. In addition, sites can also be deleted from CodeGuard on this page.


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